Staminalis Platinum

Staminalis Platinum is our premium anti-ageing line using new, scientifically validated ingredients that protect and repair cellular DNA from insidious free radical attacks at the heart of epidermal cells. Increasingly comfortable, technological and effective, Staminalis Platinum anti-ageing creams promise visible results in a short time thanks to highly evolved technological and scientific formulations.

Made in Italy



 The concentration of active ingredients is absorbed by the epidermis in depth, while the surface remains dry, soft and velvety.

Natural Active Ingredients

 Staminalis is born green by strictly following phytoceutical science and the virtues of plants in nature.

Effective products 

rich, natural and state-of-the-art formulas that make every Staminalis product superlative

Plant Stem Cells 

plant stem cells are scientific-ecological-safe and effective.  

Our testimonials

The cream was a great find. It absorbs quickly and immediately leaves the skin silky. I have been using it for a month already and I notice the results. My skin is more supple, softer and my cellulite is greatly improved. Finally a product that keeps what it advertises. I recommend it!




Staminalis Platinum


What benefits you receive?

Night Cream

The skin is nourished, soothed and deeply renewed from within, thanks to the exclusive DNA Repair System. The cell-stimulating Sodium DNA is recognised as a kindred spirit by the skin's cell membranes, which use it to self-regenerate during the night. 

Day Cream

the skin appears renewed, compact and elastic from the very first applicationsthe exclusive combination of a powerful antioxidant such as Astaxanthin and the biomimetic Oligopeptide visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Eye Counter Cream

the eyes appear more open and relaxed, wrinkles are smoothed out and bags and dark circles are reduced thanks to the extraordinary nourishing anti-age action of precious oils and butters, the antioxidant Astaxanthin and active ingredients that act on the microcirculation, revitalising the entire eye contour area from the first applications.


the skin becomes silky, moisturised and radiant, while being pleasantly dry to the touch thanks to the product's high penetration capacity. The serum is an excellent base for the application of any other cream. The presence of anti-ageing and intensely moisturising active ingredients such as the moisturising factor, combined with the action of no less than 15 plant stem cells and the sugar complex, make the epidermis regenerated, fulfilled and protected.
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Beauty is good for you

Beauty has always enriched our lives and continues forever. Beauty generates beauty, the harmony of a work like Cupid and Psyche by the master Canova is an extraordinary example of delicate and aesthetic balance so powerful as to strike our inner beauty.


Today, Staminalis anti-ageing sun creams are the latest development in cosmeceuticals and represent a genuine strategy capable of protecting, repairing and defending epidermal cells in their entirety with a single product, thanks to the effectiveness of plant stem cell extracts and the inclusion of an enzymatic and antioxidant system (SOD - Superoxide Dismutase). In addition to protecting the skin from sunburn, they provide cosmeceutical ingredients that counteract free radicals and protect the cell nucleus from UV attacks.

Made in Italy

Antiage sunscreen

High and medium protective anti-ageing face and body sun cream for all skin types, especially for fair and sensitive skin.
the tan is even and golden, the skin is intensely nourished, soft and moisturised.
The skin is deeply moisturised and nourished, refreshed and soothed after exposure to the sun thanks to high-quality vegetable oils and butters  contained in the aftersun.