How to use micellar water

G how to use micellar water, a very useful product for proper facial cleansing.

how to use micellar water for the daily routine of your face. A very useful product to extricate yourself with the use of your cosmetics.

How to use micellar water

Micellar water is a natural solution composed of micelles,or microspheres of tensioactives, and water. It is used to deeply cleanse the face from make-up and impurities, as well as for ahydration action. Unlike cleansing milk it is not oily and does not require rinsing maneuvers, and is also a recommended product for the most sensitive skins, and for daily applications, in the morning as well as in the evening. Using it instead of running water prepares the skin for the application of creams and other products, avoiding dehydration. Proper use of micellar water involves a slight friction of the face via cotton floppy disks soaked with the solution, with a greater attention to the eye contour, a more sensitive area.

Micellar water Staminalis :

Staminalis Pink Water is formulated in micromicelles with extracts of apple stem cells, capable of cleaning, cleaning, hydrating and toning at once. A solution that respects hydrolipid film and also soothses hypersensitive and intolerant cuti.


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