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Have questions, suggestions or just want to connect? Our Staminalis Skin Care team is here to assist you. We value every interaction and are committed to providing you with the best possible support.

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Common Questions

1. What is Staminalis Skin Care?

Staminalis Skin Care is an Italian brand dedicated to scientific research and the production of high quality cosmetic products for the well-being and beauty of the skin. The scientific philosophy that animates the brand is phytoceutics, therefore only active ingredients of plant origin, among which plant stem cells stand out with their scientifically validated natural virtues for cell protection and regeneration.

2. Are Staminalis products suitable for all skin types?

Staminalis offers a wide range of products suitable for all skin types as well as specific products for phototypes or skin blemishes.

3. Are Staminalis products tested on animals?

No, as per European legislation, cosmetic products must be cruelty free in order to obtain marketing authorizations. All our products comply with current regulations and are registered on the European portal.

4. How can I buy Staminalis products?

Our products are available online on the website and at beauty centres, spas and professionals in the beauty sector.

5. What makes Staminalis products unique?

The uniqueness of our products lies in keeping the promise of aesthetic and sensorial results, in the extensive research upstream of the formulations and in the competence and experience of execution and production according to the parameters of high quality made in Italy. We use a remarkable variety of plant stem cells and countless latest generation natural ingredients specifically selected to obtain visible results on all skin types.

6. Are Staminalis products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely yes, in addition to the choice of only Green ingredients that has accompanied Staminalis since its inception, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the choice of packaging materials with environmentally friendly solutions or recycled materials.

7. Do you offer a guide for private clients with special needs or in any case eager to explore the most suitable path for their skin and age?

Certainly, every private online customer can choose to be assisted by telephone or video call by one of our professional beauticians with extensive and valuable skincare experience. You can also ask to be advised of the closest beauty center in your area to learn more and try firsthand both the self-care products and the cabin treatments.

8. Do you offer training for professionals using Staminalis products?

Yes, we provide complete training for both Staminalis professional cabin treatments and self-care products, at our showroom in Milan or at the client's professional headquarters.

9. Can I request samples of Staminalis products?

For each online purchase we automatically insert samples of other references to try. Our existing online customers will be able to request free samples of other references at any time.

10. How can I become a partner or distributor of Staminalis Skin Care?

If you are interested in becoming a partner or distributor (traditional or digital), please contact us via our website, we have a variety of professional and commercial partnership solutions and would be happy to discuss potential collaborations firsthand.

Staminalis Skin Care

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