stem cells

Plant stem extracts and their anti-aging action Stem cells are present in every organism, they are the smallest particle that can be classified as living. They differ from the others in that they are non-differentiated or non-specialized cells; or rather, in the embryonic state, stem cells are "totipotent", that is, they specialize in the construction of the various parts of our body, without differentiation. By growing, however, they become more flexible and "learn" to multiply and specialize. Stem cells are the best natural repair system that our body could wish for. As mentioned, stem cells are also present in plants and in the plant world: it has been shown that under stress, plant stem cells increase the production of auxiliary substances with repairing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The three main functional actions of stem cells obtained from apple extracts are: protection from free radicals - the apple stem cell extract (Uttwiller Spätlauber) has been shown to protect the skin from the effects of oxidative stress, in particular those caused by ultraviolet rays (sun and UV lamps). regenerating action - the extract from plant stems has the ability to reprogram and activate the functionality of fibroblasts (Collagen and Elastin producing cells). The liposomized extracts present in Staminology promote a constant activity of fibroblasts, thus determining - an evident tone of the skin tissues. anti-wrinkle action - an emulsion containing 2% of plant stem extract has induced a significant decrease in the depth of wrinkles, making the skin smoother and more compact. Main effects As already said, stem cells are the most important cells in the skin, as they are responsible for continuous epidermal regeneration. Scientific research, evaluating the results obtained, hypothesizes how the extract of plant stem cells, through the positive effect on human stem cells, is able to promote skin regeneration. Skin aging, whether due to biological factors (cronoaging) or to external agents such as the action of UV rays and U.V.B. (photoaging), determines tissue degeneration with evident clinical signs on the skin (wrinkles and relaxation of the skin).

Alpha lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid Is a supplement that in recent years has gained a lot of popularity,Is an organic compound that, among other functions, acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Many studies suggest that it could exert an integral part in controlling weight loss, diabet not only.

What's alpha-lipoic acid?
Alpha-lipoic acid Is an organic compound present in all human cells. It is present within the mitochondria where it helps enzymes to transform nutrients into energy. In addition, it has powerful its own aantioxidants. Alpha-lipoicèhyd and lipoluble acid, which allows it to work in every cell or tissue in the body. Most other antioxidantsIt is only viable in water or fat; for example, vitamin CÈsessssssnly soluble in water, while vitamin EÈsolo lipoluable.

Its alpha-lipoic acid oxidants have shown evidence of benefits such as higher blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, slowing skin aging and improved functionality.

Vegetable oils and butters

Specialists in natural cosmetics know that among the most important ingredients of these products are oils and butters of plant origin,obtained from seeds, fruits or other similar sources. Alongside the more well-known ones, such as Argan's KariÉe Lio Butter, there are many others, such as some of the substances found in Staminalis products.

These include rice bran oil, cotton oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and kari butter/p>


This plant-based ingredient is a by-product of sugar production.

It is extracted from beetroot or sugarcane.

We can find it in the NCI with the name Betaine.

Betaina AnidraIt is used in cosmetics for its moisturizing power and its ability to protect the skin from irritation.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acidis a glycosaminoglycan, a polymer of desaccarids that is synthesized by our body and is normally found in the extracellular matrix of all tissues in our body, including skin, cartilage and synovial fluid.

At the dermis level, hyaluronic acid retains water in the tissues while keeping the epidermis hydrated, toned and elastic; With the ea the production of hyaluronic acid decreases and the skin loses elasticsAe tone.

The Laminary Algae

The Laminary brown Algae up to 4 meters long typical of the North Atlantic Sea; thanks to the richness of mineral salts (including iodine), vitamins and trace elements stimulates the metabolism of fat cells, improves the icrocycle and firms the skin.

Spirulina algae

The Spirulina algae tropical blue and very small tropical sub. Rich in themfilla that gives her a tonaladi intense green has its ownRassodants, moisturizers thylating the production of collagen.

Chilean Boldo

Derived from an evergreen plant of South American origin, this ingredient can keep tyrosine in inactive, a process that prevents the skin igmentation stimulated by the exposure to U.V. rays. content ne hitening Stem Serum - Lightening, illuminating, anti-ageing serum.

Karitè Butter

Of Sub-Saharan origin, this plant is also called lbero dell iovinezz Butter is obtained from a particular processing of seeds. It has a distinctly nutritious roprie, It is a valuable help also to better deal with atmospheric people such as the sun and wind, it helps to prevent the appearance of knitting in pregnancy, stimulates scarring,It isantioxidant thanks to the important yield of vitamin E.

present in the

Dry and Dehydrated Skin Day ight Creams are two creams, one for the day and one for the night for the ishydrated and dry skins, ne acciniu edicamen V2, in the DNA Skin Protection Cream Day and DNA Skin Repair Night elle Aged Skin Filler Effect Day and Aged Skin Filler Night Cream, in the crem onto the eyes Trilogy and Eye Contour Cream, in the aftersole Viso/Body mule ella Neck, Breast and


This substance now known by all and derived from the seeds of the coffee plant offers invaluable help in countering the imperfections of the body such as water retention, cellulite of various degrees and fat thanks to the stimulation of the microcirculation, the drainage of liquids and the lipolysis (decrease and disposal of adipose tissue) is also very useful for the eye area because, by promoting microcirculation and drainage, it is able to decrease bags and dark circles in fact it is contained in the Trilogy and Eye Contour Cream eye contour creams.

Centella Asiatica

Originally from tropical and tropical subs, the Asian Centella has stimulant action and fibroblasts (connective tissue cells responsible for collagen production) the result makes the skin morecompact, in addition,antioxid, rotating draining of the capillary vessels.

We can find this ingredient in mulsion V which is part of the professional and home treatments of Vaccinium Medicamen V2.

Cera d’Api

Wax, from worker bees, is a dermoprotective barrier without mimicking skin breathing.

sun mule Anti-Age Face Orpo SPF 50 High Protection.

Hydrolyzed collagen

it is produced in our body by fibroblasts and used in cosmetics with the aim of both integrating the substance itself and promoting its synthesis. Intensely moisturizing, compacting, firming, it is present in the Algimask Face as a professional treatment for Mature skin and in the Concentrated Face Serum with Extracts from Vegetables for professional use.

Maple extract

Defined as a valid plant substitute of Botox against wrinkles and skin spots pulled by Maple comes from the same tree from which the famos ciroppo is obtained. It also has restructuring and revitalizing action.

Achillea extract

A plant of European origin, it has its own inflammatory, astringent and ant-eborroics.

contained in the

Phytoceutical Gommage -Gommage Fitoceutico, ne hitening Stem Serum - Lightening, illuminating and anti-ageing serum.

Aloe extract

Rich in mucopolissaccari, vitamins and minerals, this plant originally of fric entrale but extended in many countries, It is known for millennia for its innumerevol enefici. In cosmeticsIt is perfect to treat the skins moredelicate and sensitive thanks to the ue soothing and calming actions butIt is also a powerful moisturizer, regenerating skeur and anti-ageing. We find it in the Phytoceutical Cleansing Milk - Latt itoceutico, Phytoceutical Lotion - Fitoceutic Tonic Lotion, Sensitive Stem Seru Hydrating Hydrating Serum Anti-Age, in the professional treatment Stem Dro amma, in the Centered Serum Face to Extracts from Plants for professional use and professional treatment Stem Drops Delta Anti-Age.

Pineapple extract

Bardana extract

A plant of European and Asian origin, known from the Middle Ages as piant edicinal,It isperfect for asphyxiating and acneic skins for its Udermic, anti-seborroic and anti-inflammatory abilities.

We can find it in the

Purifyin ace Serum - Cleansing Face Serum.

Birch extract

A sacred plant for some populationsIt has long been a foreath to its own onifying aging ants. Phytoceutical Professional Cream - Rebalancing Cream for Mature Skins.

Calendula extract

CalendulaIt is a plant typical of the Mediterranean regions, it has a calming, red-hot and protective action on the microcircle.

active in the

Sensitiv tem Serum - Anti-Age Hydrating Soothing Serum.

Stem Cell Extract from Butterfly Tree (Buddleja Davidii)

This shrub also present in Italy but originating in northern China is very rich in flavonoids (extremely antioxidant natural compounds) therefore particularly suitable for mature skin due to its ability to protect cells from damage by UV rays and for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. We find it in the Anti-Age Face / Body Sun Cream SPF 15 medium protection, in the Anti-Age Sun Cream Face / Body SPF 30 high protection, in the Solar Emulsion Anti-Age Face / Body Spray SPF 30 high protection, in the Anti-Age Solar Emulsion

Echinacea extract

ChinaceaEnown known thanks to its ability to raise the immune defenses, of American regine, was used for its own therapeutics also by the Indian meric. Perfect ingredient like Anti-AgeEinal re-re--recap and rejuvenating.

We find it in the Concentrated Serum Face to Vegetable Extracts

Equiseto extract

Conosciuto anche come “Coda Cavallina” è tipico delle zone temperate e si utilizza per aiutare la cute a ritrovare tono ed elasticità,  rassodante, idratante e rinnovatore cutaneo.

Fiordaliso extract

The small but graceful flower that colors the fields of blueIt is a precious ally to econgeal and hydrate also the mostfragial skins and the eye contour,It iscontented

in the delicate Pink Water - Micellar Water.

Olive leaf extract

The olive leaves are rich in polyphenols that are powerful aturali antioxidants and a great help to protect the skin from ageing.

present in the Face Serum Tanning Moisturizing - Tanning Moisturizing Moisturizing Face Serum.

Hamamelis extract

Originally from the United States and Canada where Native Americans used it to cure the eryteEffusly cultivated also in Italy for its astringent and soothing contained in Pink Water - Micellar Water.

Hyperic extract

pericalIt is a perennial evergreen plant of British origin also known as St. Giovann's ome rba It stimulates cellular regeneration and is therefore a help to counteract the signs of the "

Hippocastano extract

an imposing and elegant plant, native to the Balkan peninsula. H roprie-vacostrittive and vasoprotective, defiant, soothes and refreshes /p>

Lavender extract

Another wonderful gift from Nature, Lavender, a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region, with its colour and superlative scent. It has its own etergent'sleitive,It is able to naturally lower the bacterial charge present on an impuraelle /p>

Japanese Mandarin extract

Also called Kumquat has its ownschiarents and illuminators. content in hitening Stem Serum.

Cranberry extract

The plant and fruits are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This is apromotor of homogeneity and is able to slow down cellular aging.

sensitive Skin Cream - 24-hour Cream Pell, in the Sensitive Stem Serum - Anti-Age Hydrating Soonering Serum.

Pink Centifolia extract

Nicknamed the day of the pittor, it is the name of many works, this ellipse flower with pink petals. It has its own icatifying and stimulating mobile turn over.

We find tract in hytoceutical Lotion And Face Serum Tannin oisturizing .

Rosemary extract

An aromatic plant with many properties for centuries has been part of our culinary and cosmetics. soothing, purifying, antiseptic and antioxidant.


Staminalis Platinum

Staminalis Platinum

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