Today, serums are par excellence formulations that contain a greater amount of active ingredients than creams because they are more concentrated. In addition, they are faster in the application: they do not require massage, but simple drafting and do not leave atuosity. This feature makes them excellent in combination with the day/night creams going to enhance their characteristics. Being on a watery basis serums are perfect for conveying hyaluronic acid and active ingredients tensors or specific peptides, water-soluble antioxidants, such as vitamin C and B5 (ascorbic acid and pantenol). Today, in the light of studies in the rheological field (from "reos" meaning "flow") the serums are polysensory products that possess a very pleasant "skin feel", with targeted actives super concentrated by the silky and velvety texture. At first the serums are light and quenching to later transform into a comfortable and rich ensemble.

Staminalis proposes anti-ageing errums specific to each type of skin. For sensitive skins Sensitive Stem Serum: soothing phytoceutic serum, moisturizing and de-redening thanks to the presence of marigold and pantenol (Vit. B5). For skins with Whitening Stem Serumstains : illuminating and lightening phytoceutic serum made from Japanese mandarin, ursin grapes, liquorice and other phytoceutic extracts that make the serum a formulation with high-performance activities. For impure skins Purifying Stem Serum: sebum-normalizing and demopurifying phytoceutic serum thanks to the Saw Palmetto (Florida Palmetto), Bardana and Salvia present in the formula. While to stimulate the sun tan Sunshine Stem Serum: phytoceutic serum that stimulates and prolongs the tan counteracting the damage caused by free radicals. All different but with a single common denominator: Active principles exclusively of plant origin from the presence of the extract of plant stem cells that characterizes the entire staminali line Staminalis.

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