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I SIERI PER L’ESTATE - Staminalis Skin Care

Today serums are the formulations par excellence that contain a greater quantity of active ingredients than creams as they are more concentrated. What's more, they are quicker to apply : they don't require a massage, just simple application and they leave no greasiness. This feature makes them excellent in combination with day / night creams, enhancing their characteristics . Being water-based, serums are perfect for conveying hyaluronic acid and tensor active ingredients or specific peptides, water-soluble antioxidants, such as vitamin C and B5 (ascorbic acid and panthenol). Today, in the light of rheological studies (from "reos" which means "flow"), serums are multi-sensory products that have a very pleasant "skin feel", with super-concentrated targeted active ingredients with a silky and velvety texture. At first the serums are light and refreshing to later transform into a comfortable and rich ensemble.

Staminalis offers specific anti-aging serums for every skin type. For sensitive skin Sensitive Stem Serum : soothing, moisturizing and anti-reddening phytoceutical serum thanks to the presence of calendula and panthenol (Vit. B5). For skin with spots Whitening Stem Serum : illuminating and lightening phytoceutical serum based on Japanese mandarin, bearberry, licorice and other phytoceutical extracts that make the serum a highly performing formulation. For impure skin Purifying Stem Serum : phytoceutical serum with a sebum-normalizing and dermo-purifying action thanks to the Saw Palmetto (Florida Palmetto), Burdock and Sage present in the formula. While to stimulate the tan Sunshine Stem Serum : phytoceutical serum that stimulates and prolongs the tan by counteracting the damage caused by free radicals. All different but with a single common denominator: Active ingredients exclusively of plant origin from the presence of plant stem cell extract which characterizes the entire Staminalis line.


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