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Carefree relaxation

Relax senza pensieri - Staminalis Skin Care

All year round between the gym and a strict diet, like a tireless soldier of fitness, follow the instructions of your trusted personal trainer: a thousand exercises between work outs and bodyweight. Run, jump, lift, breathe... Protein snacks and no deviations from goals.

For this reason, when the summer holidays arrive, your mood fluctuates ... you are happy for the well-deserved rest but you are also afraid of losing all the results obtained in an instant.

On the other hand, how can you resist a lunch on the beach with the light breeze that comes directly from the sea or a gourmet dinner in that little restaurant you like so much…

Of course yes, it is right to continue with nice walks and maybe a jog, but also to appreciate the slowness without timetables, sitting quietly reading a book and also enjoying a nice nap.

Well, you know what?

You can relax without too many thoughts because the cosmetic science of Staminalis will allow you to maintain your sculpted physique by helping you to drain liquids and eliminate lurking fat deposits, especially the notorious cellulite on the legs and cellulite on the buttocks!

Among the simplest to use cellulite remedies, performing and with high-tech cosmetic formulations, the products we offer help to counteract a large number of blemishes: fat deposits, cellulite, sagging skin and water retention. You will find the anti-cellulite cream, to counteract fat and cellulite, in fact, the complete kits for your beauty weeks, the draining and reducing plasters, the toning cream for the body and specifically for the bust and décolleté.

Trust the professionals and, if you have any doubts about which product or kit is best for you, write to me or send me a voicemail on 3441844474 , I'll listen to you to give you the best advice on the best anti-cellulite cream and the most suitable ways of use for you.

Do you want some examples of anti-cellulite body treatments to build your routine? Here are two.

A-cream and patches to counteract blemishes caused by fat and cellulite.

In the morning, on clean, dry skin, apply a knob of Staminalis reducing anti-cellulite cream on the entire area you wish to treat, such as the thighs, buttocks, stomach and hips, massage the product until it is completely penetrated, use lengthened strokes and decided from the knee to the groin, pausing and kneading the outer areas of the thighs up to the hips. Take another nut of products and massage your belly clockwise, kneading on the areas richest in fat. It will be a delicate and effective anti-cellulite massage.

In the evening, after a shower, apply a patch to clean, dry skin, taking care to remove the protective coating and making it adhere well to the skin, lie down and, when you wake up, simply remove it. At least 8/12 hours must pass.

B-Body cream and neck, breast and décolleté cream for firmer and more compact skin.

Morning and evening, on clean, dry skin, apply a specific nut of cream for the neck, breast and décolleté, massaging it until completely absorbed. Use strokes from the center of the sternum towards the shoulders, from the collarbones on the neck to under the chin. For the breast, use alternate hands: for the left breast, use the right hand, for the right, the left hand. Start from the center (below the breastbone) and, with a gentle movement, follow the outer circumference upwards, three strokes ending towards the armpit and three strokes ending below the collarbone. Then, with both hands, start from the lower sternum area, follow the inner circumference and reach up to the collarbones. 

Morning and evening, take a small amount of toning body cream, start from the ankles and work your way up. Use decisive, fast and energetic light strokes with alternate hands, carefully massage the legs and thighs, insisting vigorously on the inner thigh area because it is more subject to decay. Another nut of cream for the abdomen, always follow a clockwise movement, here too you can be quick and alternate hands. Take a dollop of arm cream again, use firm, fast and energetic strokes with your right hand for your left arm and vice versa, and go from the wrist always towards the heart, ideally "unloading" the toxins in the armpit area.


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