Solar, why not settle for screens or filters

It is now a habit for many, choosing holiday places immersed in nature and often with atmospheric factors of strong intensity: sun of equatorial areas, reverberation of glaciers, desert sand. UV rays are one of the extremely powerful components of sunlight that are responsible not only for our tans, but also for a lot of skin damage. For example, when you are at sea, UV strength is maximum near the surface of the water and decreases as you move deep. Being immersed in water, should not give us the false confidence of being protected: the water absorbs infrared radiation (hot ones), but has a lesser effect on UV radiation. Even the reflection of the rays on the surface can increase exposure to the radiation itself, which is why sunbathing on the beach, near the water, allows you to tan more than sunbathing away from the shore. In addition, like water, sand also has the great ability to reflect radiation. The mountain has also become an increasingly popular destination for summer holidays. In the mountains, in fact, UV rays are much stronger and reach our skin in greater quantities. In addition to the sun, the action of wind and cold can scratch our skin, creating redness and cracking. But what happens in detail to our skin if not properly protected? First you have the loss of elasticity because in the long run the sun causes the degeneration of elastin and collagen, the two proteins that give support and elasticity to the skin. So the much-hated wrinkles become more and more visible. So what's our advice? Our advice is that a good solar line can not be limited to filters and screens to protect the skin from UV, because the skin asks for more regardless of its type (light, olive or dark). So the imperative is to choose solar emulsions rich in active ingredients to "dissect and nourish" the skin and always use high protection at the first exposures not forgetting to apply the aftersun at the end of the day.

Solar Anti-Age Staminalis: Beyond Protection

The Staminalis laboratories have formulated a line of solar that responds to the desires, lifestyle, needs of the skin subject to sun exposure in all circumstances. Designed to give intense hydration, a strong anti-ageing action and a homogeneous tan. Formulated with precise innovative strategies and high-quality active ingredients: 

– Buddleja davidii's plant stem extract can counter free radicals by preventing damage from photoaging

– Specific ingredients such as the extraordinary ENZYME enzyme (Superoxide dismutase) and vitamin E (Tocoferol) with antioxidant and moisturizing activity. They carry out a strong anti-ageing action at the same time. In particular, the enzyme SOD is an enzyme antioxidant that can block the radical "superoxide" that is activated by UV rays, protecting to the heart of cells. 

– A valuable mix of phytoceutic extracts such as wheat germ oil and moisturising and restorative betaine. 

Staminalis solars are free of mineral oils, petroleum oils, parabens and filters in 'nano' form. They perform the primary task of filtering UV rays and draw from the world of biochemistry the most effective molecules to perform an antioxidant and protective action on the epidermis. In addition, sun exposure tends to dehydrate the skin, so it is good to use after-sun products with moisturising ingredients that serve to soften the skin,skin barrier and return substances lost during bathing or sports activities.

Not all aftersuns are the same: the first big difference is in the quality of the ingredients and the functionality exercised by the product,which can be simple when they are limited to hydration or a mild soothing action, or perform an important activity such as anti-ageing. Staminalis- Aftersun emulsion is an anti-ageing facial/body emulsion, which fixes the tan, regenerates, hydrates, nourishes, refreshes and calms the redness, leaving an immediate feeling of relief.

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