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🌞 Summer Sales! 🌞 Up to 70% off! 🛍️ Start shopping!

🌞 Summer Sales! 🌞 Up to 70% off! 🛍️ Start shopping!

Your subscription to beauty

Choose your products and receive them every month because the secret of longevity and of growing up beautiful and healthy lies in our small daily steps. Staminalis, beauty is good for you.

Discover all the Beauty Routines

Dedicate yourself to your beauty and well-being lightly but... constantly!

Dedicating yourself to yourself on a daily basis makes you feel good and beautiful, the way you like yourself, increases your psychophysical well-being and even enhances your good mood and positivity. That's why we thought of a subscription formula which, in addition to stimulating you to take care of your skin on a daily basis, is convenient!

Subscribing is simple, click on the chosen product and select "subscribe" on the product sheet


Choose to receive your favorite products every 30/45/60 days

Discounted prices

benefit from special promotions and offers!

Personal Beauty Coach

A Personal Beauty Coach assigned to each subscribed customer

Complimentary samples

Receive free samples of our best sellers every month

Each formulation is of vegetable origin and our production is Alta Cosmesi made in Italy.

Relying on Staminalis products means having the certainty of having chosen high quality cosmetics products, safe and respectful of the well-being of the skin and nature, from which our brand is born.

Discover all the Beauty Routines
Discover the promotions

Discover the promotions

up to 25%

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Highlighted information

1. How long is the subscription?

You can send a whatsapp to this number: +393441844474 and it will be called back as soon as possible.

2. What should I do to receive advice from the personal beauty consultant?

You can send a whatsapp to this number: +393441844474 and it will be called back as soon as possible.

3. How much do I save with the subscription?

Save a minimum of 10% cumulative with all the promotions you will find on the site.

4. If I subscribe and choose to buy a promotional product, what price will I pay when the product is no longer in promotion?

You will pay the list price minus the subscription discount.

5. How long does it take for me to receive the products?

Receive your first order within three working days except in cases of force majeure and then every 30, 45 or 60 days.