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sun is an important ally of ours as it determines the synthesis of vitamin D by helping calcium to fix itself in the bones and consolidating its density and resistance , it is a natural antidepressant and can be useful in various skin diseases. But it's also our bitter enemy because of the infamous free radicals that damage skin cells.

 It is precisely starting from this period of the year, after months of winter respite, that our skin must be protected from the sudden and massive attack of the sun. Regardless of the type of skin (light, olive or dark) the imperative is to always use high protection sunscreens at the first exposures, especially against the rays that cause the most obvious and immediate damage and the real accelerators of aging skin with loss of skin elasticity.

To avoid burns, if you follow the instructions given in the sunscreen products and check your phototype, you will almost never have bad surprises. It is different to prepare a real anti-aging strategy, avoiding burns but also providing the skin with those cosmeceutical ingredients contained in sunscreen products capable of counteracting free radicals and protecting the cell nucleus from the attacks of UVA rays.

Sunscreen products are cosmetics capable of guaranteeing extensive protection along the entire ultraviolet range, thus limiting the skin damage that can derive from exposure to UV radiation. From a formulation point of view, sunscreen products, in addition to the basic components (which give the right consistency) contain filters (which represent the soul of the cosmetic and guarantee its effectiveness) and other ingredients which increase its functionality (moisturisers, emollients, antioxidants).

Staminalis sunscreens, sunscreens that not only perform the primary task of filtering UV rays, but sunscreens that draw the most effective molecules from the world of biochemistry to carry out an antioxidant and repairing action on the epidermis, enhancing that special light that the sun can give it .

Phytoceutical formulations make the difference Staminalis sunscreens are highly dermocompatible, free of mineral oils, petrolatum and parabens, allergens and 'nano' filters (the latter, in particular, would penetrate the deep layers of the skin, not fulfilling the role of surface barrier ) to protect the skin and generate a homogeneous and intense tan.

Staminalis sunscreens are characterized by a wide range of phytocosmetic derivatives and specific ingredients, primarily the Buddleja Davidii extract otherwise known as the butterfly tree) capable of counteracting free radicals, hydrating and softening the skin.

The protection of the cellular DNA is strongly carried out by Vitamin E which repairs the dermal and epidermal cells as well as performing a correct superficial moisturizing action, to which is added that of a powerful natural enzyme, SOD (superoxide dismutase) with a slightly difficult but able to prevent any molecular transformation induced by harmful radiation. It represents one of the main antioxidants able to protect the heart of the cells from the action of free radicals which increase strongly during sun exposure.

Long and careless exposure to the sun can cause serious and serious damage to the skin but at the same time, they also cause premature aging. This does not mean depriving yourself of exposure to the sun's rays but it is necessary to use sunscreen products that combine the fundamental photo-protective actions with the anti-aging ones. Sunscreens such as Staminalis are today the major evolution of cosmeceuticals and represent a real strategy capable of protecting, repairing and defending the epidermal cells in their entirety with a single product, thanks also to the effectiveness of plant stem cell extracts.


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