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BEAUTY BAG UOMO - Staminalis Skin Care
BEAUTY BAG UOMO - Staminalis Skin Care


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Beautiful to give and treat yourself.

Dedicated to demanding men's skin prone to dehydration, the Staminalis Man line was created with phytoceutical formulations with neuro-cosmetic molecules.

Recommended for daily use, it is ideal for cleansing by affinity, restoring the natural epidermal barrier thanks to the Serum and Cream, giving exceptional results in three weeks. The synergy of excellent ingredients selected to protect, regenerate and combat the aggressions of shaving, environmental agents and free radicals has no equal in anti-aging cosmetology. The best of cosmetic science for the best results.

In the morning, after thorough cleansing with the Cleanser, also ideal for shaving, gently dab the face and apply two splashes of Anti-Aging Serum, tapping with the fingertips until completely penetrated. Then take a small amount (about 2 ml) of Crema Antiage and massage with delicate strokes following the direction of the hair where there is a beard.

Once or twice a week, after cleansing and before the serum, it is advisable to use the Gommage Staminalis for a thorough cleaning by extracting about 2 ml of product and massaging it on the face and neck until it dries completely, then rinse and proceed with the application of serum and cream.

Bag contents:

1 anti-aging cream of 50 ml

1 anti-aging serum of 50 ml

1 x 150ml facial cleanser